The Most Comprehensive, Up-to-Date List of Legal Professionals

You’re only as good as your last placement and your ability to find the perfect candidate for your client quickly is more important than ever. You can buy lists, but as soon as you buy that contact info, it’s already starting to become dated and obsolete.

The solution is AttorneyPeople. Powered by Broadlook's Living List technology, AttorneyPeople is a dedicated data browser that's connected to the most up-to-date source of attorney and firm data in existence. It's the ideal custom tailored solution to find the most qualified legal candidates.

Case Study:

The Living List is a useful tool in our candidate sourcing efforts. Broadlook’s customer service has been top-notch as well.


Why AttorneyPeople is the Ideal Resource for Legal Recruiters & Professionals


We use our proprietary technology to track attorney profiles from over 3,000 of the top law firms on a daily basis. Ensuring you always have the most accurate data anywhere.


Our technology is meant to find you the right candidate quickly. Search by practice area, graduation date, focus of study, honors, spoken languages, whatever identifies your ideal candidate.


Our data doesn’t come from someone else’s database. We collect our information directly from the source, the internet. We look at thousands of sources to find you the best data.


Firms across the country have in-depth information about their lawyers posted on their websites, but the challenge is getting all of that data into a format you can use. We do that for you, automatically.

The Technology Powering AttorneyPeople

For more than 10 years Broadlook has been at the forefront of internet research automation technology. Over the years we’ve developed technology to automatically find targeted pieces of information on any site on the internet.

We’ve put the full power of that technology to work for you. This allows us to quickly and accurately comb through thousands of websites and identify the most complete and up-to-date information in an automated fashion. AttorneyPeople makes searching this data as easy and efficient as possible.


The search technology was made specifically for legal recruiters. We’ve designed the interface to allow you to easily search on any list of criteria.


Broadlook has several built in integrations with major CRMs and Applicant Tracking Systems to make sure you start tracking that perfect candidate right away.


With an easily accessible cloud-based interface you can log into and access your contacts anytime, from anywhere on any machine.

Set up a demo today and get access to over 3,000 law firms and over 230,000 attorneys.

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